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Board Members of LBD Enterprises

Loquator B. Dinkins, CEO/LBD
Henry C. Dinkins, Vice President/LBD
Myrna Walker, Treasurer
Willie Prior, Board Member
Dennis Roseborough, Board Member
Rose McGill, Board Member
Eula Cunningham, Board Member
Collette McDonald, Board Member
Donna Scholz, Board Member
Beverly Ponton, Board Member
Lola Tagger, Board Member
Joan Milliner, Board Member
Tina Holland, Board Member
Carol Williams, Board Member

Advisory Committee:

Barry Booth, D.D.S.
Jeffrey S. Cantor, D.D.S.
Matthew Cantor, Attorney at Law
Paula Cantor, Graphic Design
Judy Feinberg, Food Consultant
Steve Feinberg, Food Consultant
Gregory S. Grossman, Attorney at Law
Ron Levitsky, West Deerfield Township Trustee
Aaron Lifchez, M.D.
Maynard Louis
John Mrozek, D.D.S.

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LBD Enterprises, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with nonprofit charitable status with the IRS.